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Ivy synthia
the 2008 Olympic Game will be hold in China Beijing do all you hope it will successful? to me and to all our chinese people the 2008 olympic game is a wonderful thing,we love peace we hope all the world can get together to join it .but these days there happened a lot of things like in Frence ~~~~~why ?
Apr 15, 2008 3:21 PM
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The Olympic games in Beijing have put a lot of international attention on China. On one hand this is good. It is very good to see China as an international country that promotes peace and friendliness between nations. This is especially good for the older generation, who see China through the past events. However, for better or worse, there are other people who want to use that attention China is getting because of the games. Everyone is looking at China now, and they want to show the world a different picture. In my opinion, the games are a pure event. They should not be used as a tool. They have been in the past and it was terrible for the world. Sure, many people look at the games as competition between nations, but it's meant to be friendly competition. It's an event we should all enjoy.
April 15, 2008
Ivy synthia
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