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How do you bless in Tagalog for good lock, for some one who's getting new job ?
Dec 26, 2007 3:11 PM
Answers · 3
We say generally, In English as Good luck then we couple that with the words sa pag apply mo, Sana makuha ka. So all in all it goes like this "Good luck sa pag apply mo, sana makuha ka" This is in colloquial Tagalog which means Good luck in your application for the job, I hope they will hire you. In Pilipino, it goes as "Sana ay pagpalain ka ng Panginoong Maykapal at makuha ka sa ina asam-asam mong kabuhayan" There is a difference in Pilipino and Tagalog but it is not normally emphasized by people teaching Tagalog because they will usually teach colloquial Tagalog. You have to specify which one you want to learn, Pilipino, colloquial Tagalog, Formal Tagalog or Street Language Tagalog or Slang Tagalog. There is a lot of differences in these.
March 1, 2012
Hello, Ilan. As SuperrApril has said, there is no Filipino for "Good luck"... though - since you've mentioned the word "bless" - I'd like to add that the way we say "Bless you" is "Pagpalain ka nawa ng Diyos..." or simply "Pagpalain ka."
October 18, 2011
there's really no tagalog for good luck in philippines, coz we really often use "good luck" but you can say "galingan mo" or "pagbutihin mo" which means "do your best" :)
August 29, 2011
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