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Please help me with the words "prohibit" Can you give me more examples of the word "prohibit" ? I find it quite difficult to make sentences with it because of its formal context. - Smoking is prohibited inside the waiting room. Thanks in advance. :)
Jan 8, 2012 7:54 AM
Answers · 8
It is very formal so used often in legal terms or notices. It does not come up in conversation very much - unless you are giving a set of instructions. 'Swimming is prohibited in this lake.'
January 8, 2012
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January 9, 2012
smoking was prohibited from here so you cant . ı prohibit myself from stay late and get up late
January 8, 2012
I prohibit my children from leaving the house without telling me. I prohibit you from smoking in here. I am prohibited from shopping with credit. My dog is prohibited from coming upstairs because he pooed here earlier.
January 8, 2012
- They are prohibited from smuggling the endangered predators here. - Political and pornography are prohibited imported products in all Muslim countries. - You cannot ship the items like alcohol and coffee because they are prohibited here. Please check for me. Thanks a lot. :)
January 8, 2012
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