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"act" or "action",what is the difference? does the "act" ="move", and "action" ="movement"? otherwise, how to differentiate "act" and "action" when "act" is used as a noun.
Jan 8, 2012 9:24 AM
Answers · 2
For example: ACT as a noun (countable) Something done, a deed. (obsolete, uncountable) Actuality. (countable) A product of a legislative body, a statute. The process of doing something. (countable) A formal or official record of something done. (countable) A division of a theatrical performance. (countable) A display of behaviour. (countable) A performer or performers in a show. as a verb (intransitive) To do something. (intransitive) To perform a theatrical role. (intransitive) To behave in a certain way. (copulative) To convey an appearance of being. (intransitive, construed with on or upon) To have an effect (on). (transitive) To play (a role). (transitive) To feign. (mathematics, intransitive, construed with on or upon, of a group) To map via a homomorphism to a group of automorphisms (of). ACTION as a noun Something done so as to accomplish a purpose. A way of motion or functioning. A fast-paced activity. A mechanism; a moving part or assembly. (music): The mechanism, that is the set of moving mechanical parts, of a keyboard instrument, like a piano, which transfers the motion of the key to the sound-making device. (slang) sexual intercourse. The distance separating the strings and the fretboard on the guitar. (military) Combat. (legal) A charge or other process in a law court (also called lawsuit and actio). (mathematics) A homomorphism from a group to a group of automorphisms. as a verb (transitive, management) To act on a request etc, in order to put it into effect. (transitive, chiefly, archaic) To initiate a legal action against someone.
January 9, 2012
act its when you do something that could be good or bad by the way, act=(雅图) action its when you are doing an act :D action(行动). i hope to hope you
January 8, 2012
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