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urgently plz translate this latin phrases for my exam Translate in to Latin:- -You ask for peace because of the great slaughter. -The consul' speech was difficult to say. -All the nation will praise the solier's courage. -And so the general will lead a large part of the legion and the cavalary into the enemy's city. -The son of Quintus opposed his father and mother with many words,bit the ought first to have been punished. -The fire of the allies has srotmed the great territory of the enemy. -We have apart of the enemy's territory and the kings have apart.
Jan 8, 2012 1:51 PM
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Tu, qui pacem peterent propter caedunt. -The consulis oratio fuit difficile est dicere. Omnis gens, laudate solier animos. Ideoque generalis ducam, et magnam partem legionis cavalary in hostium urbem. Quintus filius contra patrem, mater in multiloquio, luctus a primo debet esse puniti. Sociorum, ignis habet agrum hostium srotmed magna. Nos have praeter hostium fines et reges separatim.
January 9, 2012
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