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这是得正确吗?110 I've translated one funny story, but I'm not sure it was translated rightly. This is the story: 一天妈妈回家发现儿子在哭,就问她怎么回事。   儿子回答说:“刚才爸爸钉钉子时砸了手。”   妈妈很奇怪:“那你怎么会哭呢?”   儿了说:“因为当时我笑了…… and translation: Mother came back home and there her son was crying. She asked: what happened? Son answered: father has nailed his hand Mother wondered: why are you crying? Son answered: because that time I was laughing… Sorry, I didn't say I've translated the story from Chinese into English. I've been learning Chinese 3 monthes and I'm not able to write stories in Chinese yet.
8 janv. 2012 14:54
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儿子是被爸爸打哭的。 因为爸爸钉钉子砸了手,儿子笑话了爸爸,所以爸爸打了儿子。
15 août 2014
8 septembre 2013
female(女性 她
2 février 2012
male他 女性她
2 février 2012
You did a good job. But I think if you add a "到" between "砸" and "了手", it'll be better to understand when you talking this funny story. Good luck :-)
8 janvier 2012
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