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I wonder how can I keep all these chinese chracters by hart.?
Dec 26, 2007 9:20 PM
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Actually, many Chinese characters can be remembered by separating a character into parts and combine the parts with other "partial characters" (ok, that word is coined, I wanted to say 部首). Like you can have 组 and 姐, the parts to the right of both characters are the same. There are also 草 and 花 who share the same upper part. It's in a way the same thing with English words, which might have prefixes or suffixes etc. So once you get a grip onto the formation of the characters, you can somehow see why a character is written that way. For example, the character 炒 certainly makes sense because when you cook, you use fire; and if you actually cook, you know that the cooked food usually looks less than it was before cooking --- and hense the character. Of course, what I've said above is just a way to initialize your memory; to firmly remember the characters, you need to copy them down, over and over again --- memorization by repetition (man, that I sound like a psychologist!). Anyway, there's nothing else left to say except good luck~~
December 28, 2007
oh yeah you don't think you want to remember that will make you tired you just have to write it many times and try to write like like!!!
December 27, 2007
The characters in Chinese writing look like small pictures. 汉字是象形字,有时可以通过意思来领会。有的可以通过结构来认识,例如:上下结构,左右结构等。还有中国的成语是非常有意思的,基本上每个成语背后都有一个故事。
December 27, 2007
By repeating them. Forever and ever and ever. And you will never know every single Chinese character. Not even the Chinese can remember every single character.
December 26, 2007
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