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How to start a easy way to learn Spanish?
Jan 8, 2012 6:18 PM
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If you're a beginner try to find out a course that let you start from scratch. If you can attend to Spanish classes it would be a good thing if the teacher were a native speaker. If you already have some knowledges of the language, it could be a good thing looking for native speaker for practicing. But just for that. Whatever the way you take always use a course at your real level and the classes from a teacher as a framework. Don't try to run. Take your time and go step by step. Using TV or films (with or without subtitles) is not a good idea for beginners. Even advance learners of a language can have a lot of problems to understand what the actors are saying because they have to speak very often quite fast to follow the action of the scenes and use quite a lot of slang. Subtitles don't help much because of then fact that they must be translated to common spoken expression used in your own language, direct translation is not always use and that matter can make you feel confused trying to fit what you're listerning with the text written. In addition, if you pay attention to the subtitles you can easily lose the context of the scenes and get lost. I have a upper-intermediate English level and I can only catch only a 50% of most of the films I see in original language. That's quite a lot for me and sometimes a get frustated because I wish to understand much more. In Spanish (and any other language) is the same thing. If you can't attend to Spanish classes where you leave. Look for then through the Internet. There're lots of resources and even courses (not very good but they could be useful to start).
January 8, 2012
The best way to start to learn Spanish is find a Spanish Friend! Or watch Spanish tv chanels with subtiltes.
January 8, 2012
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