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Gibt es ähnlichee Ausdrücke auf Deutsch wie "It's all Greeks to me"? Danke!
9 يناير 2012 04:33
Answers · 6
"das ist Chinesisch für mich" oder "Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof"
9 يناير 2012
It's all Greek to me - Das kommt mir Spanisch vor. / Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof. What the others above mentioned is not completely correct. However, in German we have a phrase which uses Chinese in kind of the same way. When you talk to another person and, basically, you explain very simple things to him/her and that person does not understand at all, you will kind of angrily say "Red ich Chinesisch oder was?" which would translate into "Do I sound like I speak Chinese? (or why don't you understand me?)". Literally, it's "Do I speak Japanese or what?". But it's definitely not used for what you are looking for.
9 يناير 2012
It's all Greek* to me.
9 يناير 2012
Mir ist alles Chinesisch.
9 يناير 2012
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