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Where can I buy confidence? I want to improve my spoken English, but it's hard for me to start a conversation with foreigners, especially with native English speakers. I feel embarrassed when I am talking with them.
9 janv. 2012 13:55
Answers · 14
Talk to them with a smile on your face and don't pretend you understand something when you actually don't. It's better if you ask them. If you find a group that seems to understand your difficulty in communicating, try hanging out with them and be friends. You'll learn faster when you're having fun. Also, a piece of advice, watch a lot of TV (in English). Just be sure you're watching good shows. Cartoons should help a lot ^^
9 janvier 2012
What gives? A question like this is bound to stir-up the "creepies!" Why am I the only creepy guy who bothered to give an answer to this?
9 janvier 2012
Confidence is something that is taught, by believing in yourself, and knowing that you can do anything that you put your mind to, and loving yourself..!
9 janvier 2012
You start to correspond with people , it's easier than talking.
9 janvier 2012
You just have to go for it! People are supportive of anyone trying to learn their language. It could also help realizing that if you do not know a word, you can always resort to describing it.
30 septembre 2014
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