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What is antonym of "stair climbing"? stair climbing ⇔ ? (stair climbing down? stair descending?)I'd like to use "stair climbing" for adjective. For example, "stair-climbing machine".
2012년 1월 9일 오후 2:12
Answers · 4
Well, you wouldn't say 'stair climbing' you would say 'climbing the stairs'. There's... climbing the stairs (emphasizes the height of the stairs, they're so many it's as if you are climbing up a hill) going up the stairs ascending the stairs The opposites would be... going down the stairs descending the stairs
2012년 1월 9일
If you're clumsy, the answer is "falling down the stairs."
2012년 1월 9일
climbing (up) the stairs climbing down the stairs
2012년 1월 10일
Ascending the stairs / Descending the stairs. "Stair climbing" sounds a little funny. I'd use "climbing the stairs".
2012년 1월 9일
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