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Is it a good way to improve my english? I want to forbid to watch flms on russian or without english sub Am I crazy?
9 янв. 2012 г., 19:45
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That depends on the style of learning you are accustomed to, and whether or not your English proficiency is high enough to comprehend the dialogue. I do it quite often in my L2 practices, but only on videos that are equivalent to my L2 knowledge. (children's shows vs cartoons vs heavy dialogue movies vs philosophical and political 'high proficiency' videos. (Also cultural knowledge will be tested in these films as well, so try not to watch films that rely on or heavily reference specific English speaking cultures because the meaning might be lost on on a L2 learner.) This submersion approach is, in my opinion, the most authentic, but you really have to be ready to work your mind - mental exhaustion can come quickly in this situation. Best, Nick
9 января 2012 г.
Hi, sometimes it's helpful to have Russian subtitles to follow the film. I watch Inspector Rex in this manner. This site gives you the English words to well known Russian songs and this italki site has more tips for you
10 января 2012 г.
On the basis of this one statement, I cannot determine whether you are crazy. There are a number of online mental health surveys that you can take to help you determine whether or not you are crazy.
9 января 2012 г.
I'm doing this with Slovak TV series, but it's not a deliberate choice. In most cases, they are neither dubbed nor subtitled. I do learn phases and expressions in context, but honestly, without some guidance it's an uphill battle at my barely-intermediate level.
9 января 2012 г.
You can look at this site, A.J. says "If you dont understand %80 of an English film it is waste of time to watch it"
9 января 2012 г.
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