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Miguel Ángel
"People is" or "People are" What is the correct form to say? People is or people are
Jan 10, 2012 3:01 AM
Answers · 6
If you see in a book where is says "a people is...", it's because some authors use the phrase "a people" to refer to an ethnic, national, or cultural group, which would be singular. Otherwise, ALWAYS say "people are..."
January 10, 2012
People are because are is plural.
January 10, 2012
people are.
January 10, 2012
In Spanish you would say: "la gente es" because you treat "la gente" as a single unit where as in English it would be the "people are" as this is plural and more than one. It is not treated in the same way as in spanish.
January 15, 2012
People "are". We use "are" for plural nouns.
January 10, 2012
Miguel Ángel
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