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what's the difference ?? 걱정하지마 X 고민하지마
10 Th01 2012 09:10
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Almost same expression but that can be used in different ways. If someone worry about his furture, you can say to him "걱정하지마. 잘될거야 (it will be alright)" If someone have to choose one of the two (or three or four....) and if he is hesitating, you can say to him "고민하지마, 좋아하는거 아무거나 골라 (Take anything you like)" For example, when your friend hesitate to choose some clothe at the shop, if you say "걱정하지마, 좋아하는거 아무거나 골라", it is correct grammatically but feels awkward. "고민하지마, 좋아하는거 아무거나 골라" is more suitable expression.
10 tháng 1 năm 2012
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