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Not sure about tone "逼闪" 下次我想逼闪... I think the putonghua equivalent is 溜走.
10 Oca 2012 09:49
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11 Kasım 2013
It should be 避闪。 but when you want to say" I don't want to meet somebody,next time I will evade. you can say:下次我想回避。 回 hui2 壁bi4=evade . 避闪 means avoid something or escape from something, eg,It is too late for me to escape the stone ,so I was stumbled down. 我来不及避闪那块石头,被它绊倒了。 来不及lai2 bu4 ji2=too late。 绊倒ban4 dao3=stumble down
11 Ocak 2012
never heard of this, may be you mean 避闪
11 Ocak 2012
10 Ocak 2012
You can say "溜走".But is the word "闪逼" really exist?I have nere head it before.
10 Ocak 2012
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