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What are the Simplified and Traditional Character for American Born Chinese. American Born Chinese NOT I am an Overseas Chinese 华 侨 Huáqiáo Please give the pinyin also.I think it is Huá诶 Hua2ei4 or something, but I do not know the pinyin nor characters.dui4, can also tell me how to say I am a banana...seems most know that one, but I do not think I can put that on a college application...haha...
Jan 10, 2012 9:41 PM
Answers · 11
Hi, maybe you're thinking of hua2yi4? I've been told this means a person who is ethnically Chinese but wasn't necessarily born or raised in China. The simplified is 华裔 and I'm sorry but I don't know the traditional. But honestly I've had limited success using this word, and you might just have to describe the situation in a sentence, like 他的爸爸妈妈是中国人,他在美国出生和长大。(ta1de5ba1ba5ma1ma5shi4zhong1guo2ren2,ta1zai4mei3guo2chu1sheng1he2zhang3da4 = His parents are Chinese, he was born and raised in the United States.)
January 10, 2012
美国出生的中国人 ?? haha. mei guo chu sheng de zhong guo ren
January 10, 2012
就这么写的:A。B。C :)
January 10, 2012
在臺灣我們都直接稱呼 ABC 不會特別去翻譯
January 14, 2012
美籍华人mei3 ji2 hua2 ren2. 美=America 籍=citizenship 华人=chinese people
January 11, 2012
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