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it would be nice if somebody offers to help with informal speach(english). I would help with Russian
10 янв. 2012 г., 23:27
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Ladybradforde on Skype. Look me up.
12 января 2012 г.
Privyet. Here is an example of a speech introducing yourself to other people Choose 3 or 4 main areas of your life and elaborate with a few key ideas on each of them. Depending on your age and the composition of your audience, you may want to select a few of the categories below to include for further discussion: Example of a self introduction speech: Introduction: Good morning/afternoon class/ladies and gentlemen, Today I would like to tell you a bit about myself. Your education and qualifications so far: I graduated from XXX high school. Now I am studying art YYY university. I plan to major in .......... Your work experience: I worked in my uncle's restaurant as a waiter/waitress whilst in high school Your family and background; I live in ............with my parents and have two sisters and one brother Say why you are currently on this course or with this group of people: I am studying English because I want to be a qualified tourist guide Your future ambitions, dreams and aspirations: I plan to work in a big tourist hotel in ........ Your favorite hobbies: My favourite hobbies are dancing and playing basket ball Your favorite sports: I enjoy watching basketball and soccer Your significant experiences so far: My most significant experience so far has been travelling to ...... Say something that the audience may find surprising to learn about you: You may not believe this, but I am also planning to become a movie star! Conclusion: Thanks for listening to my speech. Any questions?
10 января 2012 г.
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