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Confused about 也就是 Please can you help me understand 也就是. Our teacher told us about it and said it means i.e, my dictionary also translates it as i.e but I dont understand because the sentences I have seen with it dont use i.e, for example 我和她也就是一面之交,她不会帮我的。他在这也就是混饭吃,没奢望能赚钱。 In English i.e normally comes at the end and is then followed by examples, that does not seem to be happening with 也就是. How can I understand 也就是 better, can you explain please and show me how to use it more. Thank you.
11 janv. 2012 13:48
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13 janvier 2012
1)“也就是”,当单独放使用,前面不加任何词语,并且后面加一个完整的句子时,表示对某种事物做出更进一步的解释。means "i.e." "namely" “also can say" when you use it when there are no other words front of it,it means explain something further. eg. His father passed away many years ago,namely he is in a single-parent family. 他父亲已经去世很多年了,也就是说他是单亲家庭。 父亲=爸爸 father 去世=死 dead 单亲家庭=single-parent family 2)"也就是”,后面只加一个名词,means “only is”"just is" "same one" eg, I can lend you some money,it is only you, I will not lend to anyone other . 我可以借给你一些钱,也就是你,其他人我是不会借的。 Her son, my employer's nephew, was himself an assistant in the shop. 她的儿子,也就是我老板的侄子, 也在店里当伙计。 3)“也就是”放在句子中间,前后都有词语时,表示“仅仅”only,“如此而已”no more than that. eg. 我跟她也就是开了个玩笑,但她却生气了。 I only played a joke on her,but she angered. 他也就是这样了,不会再有进步了。 He will be no more better than this, no more progress further.
12 janvier 2012
我和她也就是一面之交,她不会帮我的。(我和她只是一面之交,只是认识而已,所以她不会帮我) 他在这也就是混饭吃,没奢望能赚钱。(他在这只是混饭吃,没奢望能赚钱。这里工资很低,可能只够吃饱饭而已,所以这么说) ---在这两个句子中,‘也就是’的意思是:’只是,仅仅是,只不过是‘。 例: 一位先生和女同事出去喝咖啡,被妻子看见了,于是向妻子解释: 我和她也就是聊聊工作上的事,没什么。 ’也就是‘还有一种用法,可以表示补充说明,也就是TAMMY在上面提到的。 这种用法也可以看作是:在’就是‘的前面加’也‘表示强调。 例:保护环境,也就是保护我们自己。
11 janvier 2012
i think,in some situation ,也就是 mean i.e.or that is to say.The sentences which follows just use another way to explain the prinsiple clause.In some sentences like you just mentioned,也就是 has another better way to understand,like:just(只不过, 只是,仅仅)
11 janvier 2012
也就是 has many meanings. First ,it means i.e.,but actually we don't use this meaning very often. Second,it means only.just like the sentence you made.我和她只有一面之交,她不会帮我的.他在这只是混饭吃,没奢望能赚钱. Third,it means also.For example ,那个穿黑衣服的女人,也就是我的老板,她现在辞职了.in this situation ,也就是 is for supplement(补充说明). 有可能意思不完整。希望对你有帮助。
11 janvier 2012
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