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Could you tell me what is difference of these word? pride, dignity and self-esteem?
12 يناير 2012 01:37
Answers · 2
Pride: how proud you are of yourself. Dignity: The respect you have for yourself. Self-esteem: How confident you are about yourself. Roughly :)
12 يناير 2012
pride - high value, feeling, or opinion of oneself (always positive) dignity - is usually when someone conducts themselves with worth, and self-respect self-esteem - a notion or impression that one has about themselves (can be negative, positive or neutral) ***Pride although always positive in terms of self esteem does not always produce positive outcomes. Pride can hinder the reality of a situation, for instance if a person has too much pride (thinks too highly themselves) it might over shadow the negative aspects they need to work on.
12 يناير 2012
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