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What do you think about social networks? Does It realy need to us? Or It's just a good possibility to spend our free time?
Jan 12, 2012 9:12 PM
Answers · 3
Correction: What do you think about social networks? Do we really need them? They are good for lonely people or those unable to go out and socialize normally or if your friends and family live a long way from you. Good for learning languages and connecting with people. Personally I think people need a balance in their lives. Don't neglect your real life friends and family.
January 12, 2012
I think it's good for arranging parties, meet-ups and things like that. However, if a person is just trying to collect 400 "friends" to show how cool they are, it's a little bad... especially for teenagers, they may feel bad if they don't have as many "friends" as another person. I think if you have one or two good friends, it is worth 400 people you don't know well.
January 13, 2012
NETWORK is SOCIAL. SOCIALITY is a NET, no more than it is:) Such easy... Italki is a part of it :) Ejoy :)
January 12, 2012
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