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Teacher Emi
Do you prefer traditional books or eReaders? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? With bookstores closing all over the US, some believe it’s the death of the book. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t reading. New electronic devices like the iPad and the Kindle are making it possible to ditch all your heavy hardbacks and read on a small, lightweight computer. But is this new kind of high-tech reading really the same?
2012年1月13日 15:07
Answers · 2
I honestly LOVE my kindle! However, I can't stand that I can't make scribble in it, or leave it open to a page for hours if I'm studying something. Large textbooks can't really fit in such a tiny reader, which makes it so difficult for me to love one or the other. I prefer books that teach you something, and most of those are not available for electronic reading anyway. I would really hate for bookstores, and librarys to poof out of our existence, but I don't think it is completely the eReaders fault. I do think that the majority of people do not read after high school or college. The idea of relaxation has been overthrown by games and other popular media. Overall I don't think the eReaders are the same as holding a good ol' fashion book in your hands, and turning the pages- looking at how many pages you conquered, and without the help of an electronic dictionary.
What a great question :) I think the e-reader will kill the book, surely... this generation is digital. The new screens that are on the way to replace "e-ink" are just plain awesome: They are like LCD screens that can sense how light it is. They turn into "e-ink" when there is enough light to read, and they brighten when it is dark! Those will be the next generation (or 10 years older) e-readers. The only disadvantage to e-readers is that they might break! I had my kindle for 1 year and 3 months, and a few days ago it broke! Now I have to read my old books.... :DD
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