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Czemu najwięcej osób z całego świata ma problemy z akurat polską gramatyką? Odpowiedzcie!
Jan 13, 2012 3:37 PM
Answers · 3
for me it was easy to srudy polish grammar.. maybe it's because of my native russian.. that's why it's normal for me to have some forms of verbs and nouns and so on.. I think it's the most common problem and not only for polish... foreign students have the same problem at our university with russian grammar))
January 28, 2012
Well, there are many reasons why Polish is so hard to learn. For me personally, the most difficult are cases (yes, there are rules, but usually cases have more endings, and you simply have to know (so to learn) why that ending is used and not another, for example Genitive of masculine inanimate have 2 endings: U and A: i go to kina, sklepu, basenu... Polish people simply know/feel when to use which one, but foreigners like me have to learn it :-/ Another thing is conjugation of numbers. Common, why to make life so complicated? :D What also causes me lot of problems is pronunciation. So many consonants in a row, difficult to get used to it. People say the more language you know, the easier is to learn one more: unfortunately it doesn't work with Polish. I do speak some languages and still have problems with PL :(
January 15, 2012
No bo nie jest regularnym językiem i ma mnóstwo wyjątków. Zobacz: A Twoje pytanie jest trochę przesadzone "najwięcej z całego świata". Fakt, że polski plasuje się w czołówce trudnych języków: (tu wypadamy słabiej) ale i tak są trudniejsze języki, które mimo wszystko są chętniej wybierane do nauki (chiński) przez ludzi.
January 13, 2012
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