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jealous wives usually say it to their husbands. Who knows what you were up to while I was gone! Is it correct? Or what would be the correct one?
Jan 14, 2012 1:25 AM
Answers · 5
You can also say "Heaven knows what you were up to!" - meaning God may know, but I surely don't (and it was probably something bad). As Jura says, anybody can be suspicious of anybody else, depending on the circumstances. Of course, if it's a highly jealous wife and she's really angry, she may mention something that implies that the husband will soon be able to sing high notes that he wasn't able to reach before. Think of the Vienna Boys Choir.
January 14, 2012
Yeah, it's fine. You have a jealous wife or something?
January 14, 2012
This can be said by anyone who is suspicious of another person. Parents say it to their teenage kids.
January 14, 2012
Hi. Yes, that's right. Tim
January 14, 2012
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