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something about films. Give me the answers to the questions below please . I want to know more about the situation in different cities. Thanks a lot~~~ 1 Do you always watch films? 2 Do you always focus on the news of the films shown recently? 3 How can you see a film? Going to the theatre or online or buying CDs? 4 How can you get some information about the film which you watch? By the posters or friends’ advice or any other ways? 5 What nationality of films do you always choose? Do you like the films which are produced in your own country? 6 The films produced in your country and the others which are produced in other countries which you know more? 7 What do you think of the films shown in these years? Compare with the old ones which is better? 8 Why do you watch the films? Entertainment or learning ? 9 How do you choose the films? The ones shown recently or the ones which are classical? 10 Do you know more about the films shown recently or the classical? 11 Has the recent films got a high quality? 12 Is the price of the tickets of recent films high or reasonable in your country? 13 What do you think of the quality and price of the films? Any others things that you want you say. Thank you for answering my questions~ If I have made some mistakes . correct them please~
14 янв. 2012 г., 2:46
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1 Not always, a couple of times a week usually. 2 Not really unless I have a high interest in it. 'The Dark Knight Rises' is out this Summer and I'm always keeping up on any news about it due to my excitement >< 3 A bit of all of them really. Going to the cinema is more of a social thing whereas if you're watching it online or on t.v it's generally something you do alone. However, I always meet up with my friends and watch films over each other's houses most weekends :) 4 Imdb as it's very good and always up-to-date and also by friend's advice. 5 I don't mind on the nationality of films I watch, although most of them are American. I've watched some great Japanese, French and Brazilian films so it just goes to show that it depends on the quality of the film. I can't re-call any British films I have watched in all honesty but if it's good I'll watch it!! 6 Definitely films produced in other countries haha. 7 The older films are much better and by older I mean 10-20 years older... I feel that CGI has ruined a lot of films but that's not to say it is terrible. There are some great modern films though, two of which are my favourites but generally they don't compare. 8 Pure entertainment. 9 Mainly by friend's recommendations or if I see an advertisement and it looks good, I'll watch it. 10 I probably know more about the recent but that's just because after watching a film I like to go online and check back over the film to make sure I haven't missed any details. 11 They do have a high quality in terms of production and special effects but usually it's the storyline that lacks which ruins them. 12 I think they're ridiculously high here in the U.K, at £7.10 a ticket. That's nearly the cost of the dvd release of the film usually so why pay that much for watching it once when you can pay for the dvd? 13 In terms of dvd's? If so, the dvd quality I think is always pretty good and most of them come with plenty of extras and added content. The cost I think on release is pretty high for most high budget films, but after a couple of months or so it does drop to a reasonable price.
14 января 2012 г.
"1 Do you often watch films?" - "always" suggests that you do nothing but watch films.
14 января 2012 г.
wow how many questions! I love movie. I watch because I like to see make-up, photography, production, etc. .... see movie in the theater, on DVD on cable ... I like both kinds of films (classic and recent) films are now in Brazil with a good quality ... worth watching.)))
14 января 2012 г.
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