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Again about expressions I would like to know if there are similar way of saying in English. 1) Alzarsi con il piede sbagliato = To get up with the wrong foot. 2) Alzarsi con la luna storta/Avere la luna storta = To get up with a crooked moon/To have a crooked moon. Both these expressions mean that you got up (or to have) with a bad mood. Thank you for your help.
14 يناير 2012 08:19
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Hi ELISA - I don't if there is a saying of getting up using feet! We do use "getting off on the wrong foot" but this is more about conversations or when you first meet someone. The other we use is "getting up on the wrong side of the bed". This seems to follow your other meanings although my Italian is a bit/Lot rusty.
14 يناير 2012
My dearest, in Brazil we also use the term for when you wake up in a bad mood: "I woke up with the left foot." As has been said here, in English says TO GET OUT OF BED ON THE WRONG SIDE. In the expression literally "out of bed the wrong side" - the "wrong" side of the bed is the left side. This metaphor is used to refer to someone who is in a bad mood for no reason obvious from the moment you get up, and for whom everything goes wrong during the day. An old superstition explains the metaphor. It is said that bad luck out of bed on the left, or touch the ground first with the left foot, because the left side, associated with the West and the sunset, symbolizing death.
14 يناير 2012
"Get out of the wrong side of bed." The other two expressions don't exist.
14 يناير 2012
Have a nice day!!! )))
14 يناير 2012
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