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in the sentence "You are my friend aren't you" why the "aren't you" is utilized??
Jan 14, 2012 8:41 AM
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Is a tag question, one part positive one part negative. 'You hate vegetables, don't you?'
January 14, 2012
First, put a comma there. Also, it looks more like a question. "You are my friend, aren't you?" If you put "aren't you" in a sentence, you're just making sure he's your friend. I guess in Spanish, it's the same as "Usted es mi amigo, no?"
January 14, 2012
"You are my friend." - This is a statement. "Are you my friend?" - this is a basic question. You are asking for information. "You are my friend, aren't you?" - this is called a 'tag question'. Basically, it means "I think you are my friend; tell me if I'm wrong." This is a question which asks for confirmation, because the speaker already has an opinion (You are my friend). The negative tag of "aren't you" is used to provoke a positive response... hopefully. The question "Aren't you my friend?" works the same way.
January 14, 2012
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