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Krishan Goswami
Which is the best way to improve my pronunciation of french. How can I learn to pronounce french properly. Please suggest.
2012年1月14日 11:51
Answers · 4
1_Have conversations in French. You will be amazed at how much you will learn just by talking to someone who speaks the language. 2-Learn popular French folk songs. You can find the words and music to these online. They will help you to get a feel for both the language and the culture. As for the French, the two are really one and the same thing. 3_Teach French. As you learn new words, say it to non-speaking friends and then say what it means. This, in turn, helps you pronounce and understand French and encourages your friends to learn with you.
Bonjour, You need to practice every day so read, speak, watch movies etc...
Krishan Goswami
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