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So Min
Why do some things have ㅂ? Sorry my question isn't very clear 무섭다 to 무서워 귀엽다 to 귀여운 or 귀여워 I have seen them as both why are there two different ones? would you also have 무서운 ?
Jan 14, 2012 1:30 PM
Answers · 2
When the last consonant 'ㅂ' meet a vowel, 'ㅂ' disappears. ex) 무섭+운 =>무서운 ex) 무섭+워서 =>무서워서 When the last consonant 'ㅂ' meet a consonant, 'ㅂ' remains. ex) 무섭+게 => 무섭게 ex) 무섭+다 => 무섭다 The last consonant sometimes depends on the next consonant or vowel.
January 29, 2012
Adjectives with patchim 'ㅂ' conjugate like that.^^/ ('ㅂ' changes to "ㅜ" or "ㅗ", we call them 'ㅂ' irregular verbs) 무섭다 ☞ 무서운(before noun), 무서워(요)(to be scary), 무서웠다(the past tense) (무서+ㅂ = 무서 + 우 = 무서+우+ㄴ = 무서운) 귀엽다 ☞ 귀여운, 귀여워(요), 귀여웠다 아름답다 ☞ 아름다운, 아름다워(요), 아름다웠다 춥다 ☞ 추운, 추워(요), 추웠다 You can get more at..... \^o^/
January 14, 2012
So Min
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