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Teacher Emi
Have you ever reached the breaking point? Everything has its limit. A table can only hold so much weight before it collapses. A submarine can handle a lot of pressure, but still can’t go too deep. A person can deal with a lot of stress, but everyone has a breaking point. The breaking point is the moment at which something or someone can take no more. It’s the moment when if you put one more thing on the table, it will fall, or if the submarine goes any deeper, it will start to leak. It’s the moment where if one more stressful thing happens to you, you will go crazy.
Jan 14, 2012 2:49 PM
Answers · 3
I think that what most people call the breaking point is really just the turning point. Here we have been fighting this job and it just keeps getting more and more difficult then finally we break. But usually we don't break down we just come to realize that we need to make a change somewhere.
January 21, 2012
If you ask our opinion (instead of making your own by observing us) on this kind of experiences, that entails that you are only inquiring about craziness that might be reversed, so it is quite a weak form of getting crazy, what is the point of studying that ? Sorry for answering with a question, I could not help that, as I always try to stir away from the breaking point with a good laugh.
January 15, 2012
about the persons that use this sicological points, that are true exist, alike if someone said you that you need to be happy, ¿happy?, happy is not an actitude, i hate it, when someone said me how i have to think... good, the best think you can do, is to say the same to the other persons, answer with a new ask, allways, be polite if you speak with a your employer, etc, but, never, get the people, think, than you are a thing and not a person... never, because then you will be similar with others.
January 14, 2012
Teacher Emi
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