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Which is correct? Why do some people pretend that English is their native language? Why do some people pretend to be native English speakers?
14 يناير 2012 16:46
Answers · 6
Yes, both are correct. Another way to express this is in a casual or colloquial way is... Why is it that some people pretend to be native-English speakers? Notice how you can add the phrase "why is it that.." to any simple staterment to express this idea. Hope this helps! John
14 يناير 2012
i think both of them are correct
15 يناير 2012
@david: why do you think the second one is not correct?
14 يناير 2012
the first one Is correct
14 يناير 2012
Yeah, i'm not a native speaker either but i believe they both are correct
14 يناير 2012
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