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jamal idrissi
Professional Teacher
how do you find grammar of arabic?
Jan 14, 2012 8:29 PM
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marhaba! its too hard for me to understand most of Arabic phrases, because according to one of my friend in Doha, there are different dialects of Arabic in the middle-east, I worked at Splash as cashier and salesman, most of the customers are Saudi,Qatari,Egyptian,Moroccan and Syrian but the majority speaks Arabic in different dialects! hehehe, If I don't understand what are they talkin' about I used to run to hide and say "malish! malish! ann'a jadeed!, ann'a mafee' malom al-Arabee'a,ann'a malom shuwaya'shuwaya!" hehehe, then they will look for another staffs :)
January 16, 2012
To be honest with you, Arabic grammar can't be taught without a qualified teacher. here some books that are taught in my country ( Saudi Arabia): * الكتاب لسيبويه * أوضح المسالك * قطر الندى * شرح بن عقيل
January 15, 2012
jamal idrissi
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