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Who can tell me about Gerund *** Thank you Thank you *** For example : 1) "Providing" food[s] from different counties for us in ABC restaurant . 2) I will help you,"hoping" you will succeed in the exam. 3) I want "buying" this thing .
Jan 15, 2012 8:50 PM
Answers · 2
A gerund is the noun form of a verb. This allows you to treat an action as a thing. Yet, your examples have problems. Basically, adding "-ing" to a verb does not make it a gerund. 1) This is an incomplete sentence. Where is the verb? 2) This is an example of a present participle, not a gerund. Have closer look, and you'll see this is a condensed sentence. 3) This is simply wrong. You must use "to buy" So here are the proper gerund forms of your examples: 1) Providing foods from different countries for us is the priority of ABC restaurant. 2) Hoping you will succeed in the exam motivates me to help you. 3) Buying this thing will please me. Note all the examples use the -ing for to connect with the rest of the clause and stand as a thing in the sentence (yes, I've made all the gerunds into the subject).
January 15, 2012
Use the Gerund (verb+ -ing): 1) after prepositions and phrasal verbs ("I'm very good at remembering names" or "She has given up smoking") 2) as the subject of a sentence ("Eating out is quite cheap here") 3) after some verbs, e.g. hate, spend, don't mind ("I don't mind getting up early") In your sentences you made mistakes: hope you (the verb "hope" never is used with gerund); I want to buy (infinitive):))))))))))
January 15, 2012
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