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Please help me make a Japanese Sales Pitch for my Gorilla Marketing I have to hand out flyers to people in Waikiki. Many of those people are japanese. I can't just use google translate because it is not culturally correct. Please in romanji if you can I need to say something similar to : --Excuse me , Please visit our website and send a postcard with QReady Post. --We can handwrite and send postcards that you order from our website. You just need to Scan the qr code and Compose a message we ill do the rest --Yes, scan the qr code with your smart phone and you will see the website . -- also You can go to this website on your phone or computer --please take the flyer, the flyer is yours to keep --thank you very much , have a good vacation The flyer says: QRコードを読み取ってメッセージを考えるだけ。あとはQReady Postにお任せください! QRコードを読み取り、地元で待つ御友人、御家族に送るメッセージを考えましょう。我々があなたのメッセージを心を込めて手書きした絵葉書を、その人たちのもとへ送ります。難しい郵便制度に悩まされずに、素敵な旅を楽しんでください
Jan 15, 2012 11:30 PM
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Yes we handwrite in english , spanish and japanese :Ds
January 16, 2012
Hi! I think this translation is good. Do you handwrite messages in Japanese?
January 16, 2012
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