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what should i SMS in this situation you are supposed to meet ur friend at 10:10 and you already arrived at 10:00... how do u sms your friend telling them you reached the meeting point and now wiating for them
16 ม.ค. 2012 เวลา 14:13
Answers · 7
16 มกราคม 2012
If you have close friendship, you can SMS: i'm here, move your socks!!!))))
17 มกราคม 2012
What's the point of your sms? Can't you just wait for him/her for 10 minutes?
16 มกราคม 2012
"I'm here." Or more formally, if you want: "I've arrived here and am waiting."
16 มกราคม 2012
it is possible to say im already there?
16 มกราคม 2012
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