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Hello, anyone got any tips about how to blend in with native English people? I've been in England for 3 months and I had loads of international friends but still don't know any native. Someone told me the only way to make friends with them is going to the party or nightclubing with them, is that true? CZ I really don't like these stuff.
16. Jan 2012 23:49
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Have you been studying in England? You say that you already have a lot of international friends. Well that's a plus. Give yourself time. Just be friendly, smile and interested in other people. Of course go to a party/clubs, how are you going to meet more people? More tips here:
17. Januar 2012
I don't know about England, but in California I would recommend joining an organization like Sierra Club (for outdoor hiking and mountaineering) or Toastmasters (for practicing public speaking) in order to meet native speakers of English. You'll not only make more friends but you'll already have something in common in them--your interest in the same hobby or activity.
17. Januar 2012
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