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what's your wishes in New Year? Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one remembers turn on the light. So, do not disappointed with the community, not to live down Next year is the Chinese Dragon Year, wish all of my friends happy and healthy.
17 janv. 2012 15:30
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hey hi there what exactly mean "Chinese Dragon " by the way are u cultivated of 'horoscopes' ? if so mine is Aquarius.. and if you have an ex-ordinary defining of Aquarius in Chinese literature, I would like to be informed..
17 janvier 2012
My wishes are for a more tolerant world.
17 janvier 2012
First of all wish you Happy New Year, the DRAGON year (新年快乐) My new year wish is to give the World My " BEST " and Enjoy my every moment with Positive thoughts.
17 janvier 2012
do better myself try to doing something for anyone 做更好的自己 尽我所能为他人
17 janvier 2012
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