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a strange pronunciation of the sound [ei] in a bbc video Could anyone tell me about the origin of the presenter's prununciation of the sound [ei] in the words 'take' and 'phrase' in the following video: Is it a dialect? Sounds very weird for me.
2012年1月18日 06:35
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Oh I see it... she is from somewhere around Newcastle I'm guessing. I just heard the first sentence, it's loading too slowly.
The presenter is Scottish: all her vowels have a Scottish accent and she also has the rolled "r" common to Scotland. Definitely not Newcastle.
You're right, it's not a standard central-English accent. I'd also guess it as a northern accent (although they're all very distinct), maybe even a light Scottish, judging by the R pronunciation. I'll agree with Sinewaves' suggestion of Newcastle, though another UK local would help clear this up, I'm sure.
Yes it is a dialect, one of many found throughout the U.K. This is one of the easier to understand dialects though, and if you ever travel around England you will definitely notice this haha :L Some dialects are so hard to understand that even people from within the U.K struggle to fully comprehend what's being said.
Yes, I meant the standard English pronunciation generally used in the mass media. I'm very well aware of the fact that most native speakers don't sound that "correct". The thing is that watching news on the BBC website one hardly ever has an opportunity of being exposed to these real life accents. That's why I was asking the question about the origin of this accent. I wouldn't mind to have a bigger variety of regional dialects presented on BBC, but who asks for my opinion? :)
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