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When was your first time using internet? In globalization era like today, information can be spread easily to the media. One of the most influential media that has been invented is internet. We all know that by using internet we can send email, read and download e-paper, search information or data, get something amusing, like gaming or chatting, and we are able to learn foreign language easier via online. Well, every body is becoming familiar with this term, "online". Internet has been very important in our life, even in extreme case it can be addictive for some people. My question is do you remember, when was your first time using internet? where did you use it? in what purpose? and did you love it for the first time of using? At that time, was the internet cafe popular in your country? I am using internet for the first time when i was in junior high school, in the second year. At that time i didn't have PC in my house, so i used to go to the internet cafe to send email and chat. I started to have pen pals and browse data from google to help me work on my homeworks.
18 gen 2012 08:59
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I started to use Internet when I was in junior high school. I used a icq to chat with my friend in a coffee bar.
22 gennaio 2012
I believe I first used it sometime around 1993-5. I was a kid and my parents sent me to "Advanced Math Camp" at a university instead of a regular summer camp :/ however, we did get to surf around on the internet and design our own basic websites. We didn't get it at my house for a few years after that and even then we had to connect through dialup, so it was quite slow.
21 gennaio 2012
When I was 16. I was so excited :)
18 gennaio 2012
I started using the internet in the year 2000 because i needed it for work during my high school and college days, there is no such thing as internet, oh boy that was a long time ago.
18 gennaio 2012
Hi Nadia, I started using it when I was in early 7th grade (too late haha). My friend asked me to go to one of internet cafe near my school. And I was so excited. That's the first time for me and I didn't know how to use that. I was in one room with my other friend. We were so confuse what should we searched for. Finally we typed "Miss Universe" :D because we didn't have other idea. That's my first time open internet ^^
18 gennaio 2012
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