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What's the important thing to be a perfect woman? I'm puzzled. What's the most important thing in your life as a woman? Your husband? Your child? Or yourself? What's the essentials to be a perfect woman?
Jan 18, 2012 1:53 PM
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Well its a quite vague question but a prefect woman and man would not be those in Hollywood:). But there must also be some common traits which should be there in a man and women that is, love trust, sincerity. Cheers:))
January 18, 2012
No one is perfect. Live your life the way you want to, as you won't get a second chance. Don't insult other people. Accept other people 's opinions and beliefs. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
January 19, 2012
Thank you,beth_a83, Your answer is also very wonderful. We should learn our advantages and disadvantages and accept them. That's true but not easy to come true. Often many times, I'm curious about what I want and what I am good at, so I always refer to other's standard of behavior.
January 23, 2012
It's a good question. For me, it's constantly learning to accept myself as I am - faults and knowing what I am good at. I think everyone has shared something positive and unique. To be a perfect woman, there are so many things - but I think it's to be attractive in her heart and mind, respect for everyone and showing self-confidence (not arrogance).
January 22, 2012
There's no such thing. The perfection lie in the imperfection itself. Accept your imperfections and you'll be more confident. :)
January 18, 2012
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