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Vincent Ferreira
Job Interview I have a job interview in a Education Institution. What is your tip to bahave and answer the questions suitablely?
18 janv. 2012 14:39
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Hi, you should research the institution beforehand. Dress formally. Be prepared to answer questions such as : Why do you want to work here? What makes you the best candidate for the job? What previous experience do you have? What would you do in this situation?[ you may get a scenario about a difficult student or colleague] Good luck:)) For more tips go to:
18 janvier 2012
1. Be prepared. Anticipate any kind of question you may be asked. Anticipate your answer. You can find some sample interview questions on the internet. 2. Practice. If the interview is in your first or second or third language you need to practice to yourself or another to sound smooth and confident in the interview. This will also help you feel more relaxed during in the interview. I've been on many hiring committees in the education field. I agree with the other person that you should bring or state specific example answers to the questions. Also - never say "I don't know" . If the question is in regards to something you haven't experienced and they expect an answer you can say how you "would" handle the situation or you "would" do the job etc. Don't ever end with just I don't know. Also, do research on the school, job, company, position etc. Casually bring it up at some point in interview. That way they know that you took the time to learn about the school/job. Good Luck!!!
18 janvier 2012
My advice: clearly the answer to the questions, bring examples from his own experience. Imagine yourself in the place of the employer and think, what would have asked you, when you conducted the interview
18 janvier 2012
Vincent Ferreira
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