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Leo Minor
rattle off? Do I use it in a right way? When the policeman asked me to offer my alibi, I rattled off a long line of names of my friends.
Jan 18, 2012 2:55 PM
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I wonder what you have been up to. ;-) Yes, you're close.. but you wouldn't say 'line', you'd say list or load. And you would say 'friends names', probably not 'names of my friends'. Just sounds better, even though I know your meaning.
January 18, 2012
Oops! police asking for alibi, sounds serious ;) Probably you are right in saying this, but it would sound nice "When policeman asked me to offer my alibi, I started rattling off my friends names. Cheers:))
January 18, 2012
Your usage is correct. If you rattle off a list, it means you give the items of the list non-stop, one after the other. Someone is asked what countries she has visited. She rattles off the following list: "Well, I've been to the U.S., German, France, Italy, China, Vietnam, Laos and Japan." She might give a little detail with each country (very short).
January 18, 2012
Leo Minor
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