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please chack that text i woke up at about 6:om oclok.ofter that i saw my prey i went to my work .and i started to work at abut 7:30am and i was until at 11:15am and i returned home at 12:15pm when i was coming to home i saw a older woman and she was going to shopping easly for buy bread and i said to her :madam why do you go to shapping for buy bread ? do you have any childran? she answered me:yes i do but what do i ? they are tierd because they worked until midnight but i saw to them but they don't go and i had to go to shapping of corse this isnot any problem they are not guilty .after that i helped to her and came back home .and that was intersting for me that her childran are home and older woman went to shapping for buy .
19 янв. 2012 г., 12:46
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Write it in the notebook section and I will correct mistakes. I am afraid that the respect of the young generation to the old is sorely lacking in most countries and cultures. It is not right. But the only thing that we can do is help all we can and teach our children to do likewise.
26 января 2012 г.
You would be doing better if you posted this in the Notebook section. It has a number of editing and marking tools which make it better for corrections such as this.
19 января 2012 г.
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