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i do believe... ??? is this sentence correct? "I do believe i have a miracle" and.. why 'do' is using in that sentence??
19 jan 2012 15:26
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The sentence is correct grammatically, and as other people have said the word 'do' is used for emphasis but the word 'miracle' isn't used like that. Generally, a 'miracle' is defined as being an act of God, although people generally use the term to describe something amazing that has happened. So it's not something that you have, but something that you have experienced or if you're talking about something that's happened. So you might say - 'It was a miracle!!' 'I saw a miracle today' 'I had a miraculous experience' I guess you could say it as - 'I do believe I have a miracle waiting to happen to me' Hope this helps :)
19 januari 2012
Yes, this sentence is correct. The word "do" is used here for emphasis.
19 januari 2012
You have probably learned that the auxiliary verbs 'do' and 'did' are not used in positive sentences - for example: He went to the store. NOT He did go to the store. However, in order to emphasize something we feel strongly these auxiliary verbs can be used as an exception to the rule.this form is often used to express something contrary to what another person believes.
19 januari 2012
I try to answer. I remember that sometimes the "do" is used to make the principal verb stronger. In this case "I do believe I have a miracle" means that I believe in miracle indeed, without doubt . For exemple, during an altercation I can said: " I DO have put it there" to the person that don't believe I put it. But wait English people, they will explain it better!
19 januari 2012
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