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Countries are what they eat,or at the very least, people tend to think of nations in culinary terms .求整句话翻译,跪谢了!
Jan 20, 2012 5:09 AM
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There are 2 parts to your statement: 1. People say,: "You are what you eat", meaning that if you eat a lot of fatty food then you may get fat or if you eat low fat foods you are probably slim. 2. People tend to think of nations in culinary terms. True. Pasta is associated with Italy, curry with India and so on. However, you will find that in most countries you can get any type of food because of the multicultural population.
January 20, 2012
Many thanks to Jura's explicit explanations. The requester is asking for a translation and here's one from me: 一國之貌即一國之食,至不濟我們也很容易想起某國就想起食物料理。 英文有 in adj terms 的說法。這邊的 terms 是取「(某方面的) 用語」的涵意。in 有時是「以......呈現」的意思,比如 a book in Chinese 是「以中文寫成的書」。所以 in adj terms 的字面意義是「以 adj 的用語來呈現」。比如 in general terms = 籠統地講 in practical terms = 從實際意義來講 in financial terms = 從財政方面來講 所以 in culinary terms 就是從烹調方面/意義來講
January 20, 2012
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