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How Can I learn expressions in a short time ?
Apr 17, 2008 3:18 AM
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I think everyone has a specific way to express oneself using some phrases more often than other phrases. So, once you know what phrases you use in your daily conversations, you can easily find their English translation. I think it won't be difficult to remember them, because you are using them all the time. In the mentioned above I was talking about everyday English. But for learning phrases and expressions that are known as academic English (including terms that are not common in every day communication) you can try: - to write them down grouping them in a list according to their relation to different spheres of life ( events, places, people, actions, ... ect). - to do your best to remember the MAIN verb/ noun (that contains the meaning of the phrase in your opinion) in the expressions, - to make some different sentences using the main verb/ noun (or to find them in the dictionary). - of course, rereading the phrases is mandatory. Suggestion N2 - You could find a person who has a good knowledge in English to practice the language together. Two persons can not have absolutely the same vocabulary, so you could learn and teach at the same time. Good luck! :-)
September 16, 2010
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