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Explain me what's the difference! Manual doesn't give distinct answer where we should use- "-I need to do something = it's necessary for me to do it. -Something needs doing = it needs to be done" and example.- Manual wants us to say "the windows are dirty. they need cleaning" How to identify whether it is necessary for me or it needs to be done?
20 sty 2012 19:21
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I think a good approach to thinking about this is to ask yourself whether you actually feel the need to do whatever action is being considered. For example, when someone says "I need to do my homework" they feel an inherent need, desire, or obligation to complete the assignment. But if you were to say instead that "My homework needs to be done," this implies that while you may realize that it is your responsibility to do your homework, you yourself do not necessarily feel the need to complete it. The windows example would fall under the "it needs to be done" category, because you may not actually be too keen on cleaning the windows, even though they are dirty. Now if you were to say "I need to clean the windows", this would suggest that you actually feel the need to clean the windows, not simply that they need cleaning. Sorry if my explanation is a little convoluted.
20 stycznia 2012
ACTIVE vs. PASSIVE: I need to do something. (active), need + infinitive (e.g., to do, to go, to see) = obligation Something needs doing. = Something needs to be done [by someone]. (passive) The windows are dirty. They need cleaning. = They need to be cleaned [by someone]. (passive) The windows are dirty. You need to clean them. (active)
20 stycznia 2012
"they need cleaning".. does not indicate who should clean them. It only indicates they need cleaning. If someone puts a cloth in your hand and tells you the windows need cleaning, well...... Are you still on that cheap vodka?
21 stycznia 2012
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