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A question between Swedish and Norwegian languages I'd like to know which one is more regular?which one is easier?And which one is more popular? The"regular" I meaned is the consistency between spoken language and writen language.The regular language should be the language if you can read then you can write correctly and versa.For example,German and Spanish are kinds of regular languages while English and Danish are quite irregular.
Jan 21, 2012 1:05 AM
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I have no real learning experiences with the norwegian language. But as far as I know vocabulary and alphabet just differs a little bit from swedish and there are no big differences in grammar or "regularity" which is (in my opinion) much better than in danish (What's so irregular about English?). However, I wouldn't call pronounciation and listening as easy - it's something that you need to getting used to. To put it in nutshell: There are more native Swedish speaker, but there shouldn't be any really big difference.
January 26, 2012
It is quite irregular when it comes to the sounds of the vowels. Some vowels have two sounds which are pronounced differently depending on the dialect. Different dialects also pronounce consonants differently. Scanians pronounce "R" like the Germans or Danes. Some dialects roll their R and some pronounce it very softly. Not to mention that Swedish got a few tonal words. "Anden" can mean two different things depending on your tone. And even though two consonants after a vowel imply a short wovel, there are words that should be pronounced with a short vowel even though it doesn't have two consonants following it. Norwegian is basically the same.
January 27, 2012
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