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presentaion Hello everybody , how is it going ? in the about two weeks I am going to present an oral essay in which . My topic talks about "Learning English" . In this presentation I have to give 3 main points . The first point, that I am talking about is "why is it important to learn english now in days ?" The second point will be " why learning English or any other language is difficult for a second language learner ?" The third and final point will be; "what shall/can I do to improve my English skills? what do you think about this topic and these points ? any advice???? . Thank for reading . My peace and respect *your bro (adam) .
Jan 21, 2012 4:34 AM
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Hi this italki site will help you with your oral presentation
January 21, 2012
Yours is a very good topic. 1. Importance of English: a) Global language: As it is the only language that is spoken worldwide, one must learn it in order to communicate with people all over the world. One may need such communication for thought exchange over a topic, study purpose, knowing people and their culture, business purpose, etc. b) Difficulty in learning: Every language has its own style, grammar, and rules of use, so does English. One may have difficulty in learning it due to difference in alphabets (from their own language), different style of grammar, unavailability of teachers and proper guidance, loss of interest due to slow progress in learning, lack of patience, lack of consistent efforts, lack of practice (reading, writing or speaking), fear of making mistakes, etc c) Steps to be taken: 1) Compulsory English reading for some hours (2 - 3 hours) a day with looking up every new word in dictionary. 2) Practicing writing and getting it corrected by teachers. 3) Listening to English news, songs, and movies. I use the word "listening" here as careful attention to the speech is required. 4) Reading 3 - 5 new English words everyday and using them in conversation. This is useful for building up vocabulary. 5) Practicing spoken English every day. Having an ability to read and write good English does not necessarily mean you are good at speaking English. These two are different things. Oral English can only be improved by speaking it and nothing else. Of course, other things such as reading and writing are helpful for this. 6) Compulsory conversation in English with no usage of native language in the class. Then, students will be forced to find new words. A person will good English knowledge should also be there to correct them. 7) Making students familiar with basic grammar rules. 8) Teaching someone English is also a way of improving it, but o
January 21, 2012
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