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У меня есть попрос. Hello. I am South Korean. I really interested in your country. So I am learning elementary grammar of Russian. Thanks to you, my Russian level rises every day. But there are some problems. I understand the 6 changes of case in Russian grammar in Korean. However, I can’t understand 6 changes of case in English. Does anybody else write down in English – Russian? There is a example. Objective ----- In Russian Please help me. And do other difficult grammar terms, please. It will be very helpful to me. Thanks. In English will be helpful.
21 янв. 2012 г., 14:43
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Hi! Do you mean you need to know how Russian grammar terms will be in English? Like, именительный падеж = nominative case?
21 января 2012 г.
I'll add a few other terms (parts of speech): noun = существительное (e.g. человек = man) pronoun = местоимение (e.g. он = he) possessive pronoun = притяжательное местоимение (e.g. мой = my) verb = глагол (e.g. говорить = to speak) adjective = прилагательное (e.g. хороший = good) adverb = наречие (e.g. хорошо = well) preposition = предлог (e.g. на = on, в = in, into) numeral = числительное (e.g. два = two) ordinal = порядковое числительное (e.g. второй = the second) Have I forgotten any?
23 января 2012 г.
@Yashiro: У меня есть Вопрос!
22 января 2012 г.
Sure. Thanks.
21 января 2012 г.
안녕하세요, may be I will teach you Russian, and you me Korean?
21 января 2012 г.
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