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could you tell me what is " FOOD FOR THOUGHT"? could you tell me what is " FOOD FOR THOUGHT"?
21 янв. 2012 г., 15:03
Answers · 3
Imagine your mind is a hungry beast. It will only grow and develop if you feed it. Something "nourishing" for the mind is "food for thought". However, "food for thought" suggests, "it's not vital for living; just eat it, digest it and then see what you think."
21 января 2012 г.
It is something that makes you think harder and consider many possibilities and perhaps makes you open to new ideas. Something that makes you think about some issue to which you had before given no consideration is "food for thought". "His speech about the political uses of oil in international politics was definitely food for thought."
21 января 2012 г.
it could be any book,newspaper,blog,recording,etc. that increases your knowledge by reading or listening to it. I remember reading an ad of local newspaper on the street,"have you have your breakfast?",illustrated by plate with a recent newspaper on it. Hope it can help^^
21 января 2012 г.
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